AcuVets specialises in acupuncture and acupressure therapies for all kinds of animals including horses, cats, dogs, birds and other pets. If your pet or horse has a persistent or hard to treat health problem, or if they are experiencing unwanted side effects from another treatment or medication, please give us a call. We are based in Redruth, Cornwall, and are here to help.

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Companion Animals

Acupuncture can treat many kinds of health problems in pets including back pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle and ligament strains, gastrointestinal disease, skin conditions, epilepsy, infertility and behavioural problems.

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Equine acupuncture can be very beneficial to horses with neck and back pain, joint pain and inflammation, muscle spasms, breathing problems, colic, diarrhoea, behavioural problems and infertility.

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Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture in that it is based on the same therapeutic principles but uses precise massage techniques rather than needles to improve animals’ health and wellbeing.

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