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Flash acupuncture patient dogFlash is like a new dog since starting his acupuncture around a year ago. He used to be on all kinds of herbal medicine and different pills to help with his arthritis. Now all he takes is a joint supplement and he has acupuncture once every two weeks. He actually looks forward to having his treatment, to the point where if there is not a car parking space outside the treatment room and I have to drive around the block to find one he will cry thinking I’m not taking him for his treatment.

He seems so much better in himself and you can ask any of my friends – every time I see him out on a walk I say I swear he’s getting younger! But it’s not just the acupuncture it is also the advice I get from Acuvets. Real, practical advice, for example bandaging up his wrists (so he puts more weight on front as his back is Flash Acuvets dog acupuncture patientthe weak part), keeping a jacket on him even if the weather doesn’t seem too cold, therapeutic walking etc. Acuvets also discovered that (which no other vet had picked up on) he has a slight problem in his spine as well, so therefore I need to make sure he doesn’t jump up to much and lift him in and out of the car and things like that.

I wasn’t sure acupuncture would work. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning. But flash shows me it works because he looks forward to it and he seems so much younger in himself since beginning his treatment. I can’t say how happy I am I discovered Acuvets.

Images by Tom Walters. Bethan Stewart.

Bear is an 11 year old border collie. Like most collies, he has always been very active, loving long walks and chasing tennis balls. As he has got older, he has struggled with joint pain and stiffness, limping on waking and after walks, and disliking walking down stairs. He also started to sleep more and more and just seemed to lose some of his ‘get up and go’.

He was then diagnosed with a heart murmur, for which he is on daily medication. I wasn’t sure how much of his decline in enthusiasm for life was due to the heart condition, the joint stiffness or simply aging, so I called Jennifer at Acuvets to see if she might be able to help.

Bear has now been receiving acupuncture at Acuvets for six months and the treatment seems to have taken years off him. He has become more and more energetic, now very rarely limps and walks down stairs with no problem. He has rediscovered his ‘collie-ness’ – he is playful again, sleeps much less and always has one eye open in case there’s a walk on offer! Jennifer has also worked on his heart point, which will hopefully keep his heart condition stable for longer. These improvements have not happened overnight – for Bear the effects of acupuncture have been gradual and have taken a little time to build, but the results we are now seeing are fantastic!
Christina, Bear's owner.

whoopie - equine acupuncture clientThis a picture of Whoopie jumping. He has been treated by Acuvets for various problems which made it difficult for him to compete. He had treatment last year very successfully. We started the treatment this year with a couple of sessions before the season started and he has a treatment once a month. He has not had a problem and has competed regularly.

See that jump! Amazing! Claire and Ann.